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Traverse the perilous lands of a dying world in this bullet-hell inspired metroidvania! Strong enemies emerge from distant lands as the iron inventions of men succumb to the decay of rust and time. Use a trusty grappling hook and uncover new powers to battle monstrous machines, powerful witches, and explore a new emerging world.Fern is a changeling. Alongside a mysterious being of shadow named Puck, they set off on an adventure to recover the stolen pieces of Titania and return Fae to the world.

Fly through the air

Your companion Puck can turn himself into a trusty grappling hook. No need for the traditional double jump!
Easy to use and hard to master, platform your way through a hostile world.

Choose how you play

Trinkets are blessings from the Fae that Fern can use to gain unique special abilities. Collect these precious blessings and choose how you want to play.


Test yourself against a variety of challenging bosses! Powerful witches have stolen the power of Titania that must be reclaimed in order for Fae to return to the world. Defeat these witches and gain the power!


Inspired by English and Nordic folktales. Fern is a changeling that searches for where her loyalties truly lie.



Faxdoc, happysquared, sunnydaze
Feb 2023
Steam PC, Consoles TBD
Rusted Moss
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Rusted Moss is an action-packed Metroidvania inspired by folktales and desolate landscapes. Fern is a changeling set out on a mysterious mission while Fae invade the human realm. Players will use an intuitive grappling hook to fly across a hostile land while gunning down mechanical monstrosities.


  • Creative platforming focusing on a grappling hook (No classic double jump!)

  • Fast-paced bullet-hell inspired boss fights

  • Unique Trinkets! Trinkets are Fae blessings that give your character special abilities. Customise your playstyle!

  • Beautiful desolate environment to explore


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